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Mammoet LG 1750 SX3

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Product description

Mammoet has a very extensive fleet of equipment in which there are around 10 of the Liebherr LG 1750 cranes. On which several SX3 kits have been added in the past couple of years. The unique features of this crane are, amongst others, a mobile undercarriage. This mobile undercarriage forms the basis for the upper carriage with lattice boom. The upper carriage derives straight from Liebherr's crawler crane LR 1750. The fact that the LG 1750 is designed with mobile undercarriage, makes this crane truly mobile and therefore very suitable for work in tight civil projects and for work on wind farms. For the last decade, Mammoet has used the LG 1750's in its fleet extensively for work on wind farms all around the world. The Liebherr LG 1750 SX3 has set the standard for rapidly building these wind farms. The dedication from Liebherr towards innovation has led to continuous upgrades to the LG 1750, such as the SX3 boom configuration, leading to increased lifting capacity and increased hoisting height. The SX3 configuration would replace the traditional 3M wide boom sections with three 6 meter wide, 14M long sections and four 3,5 meter wide and 14meter long sections.

The LG 1750 SX3 has some unique features, knowing:

- 750 metric tonne capacity
- Max. hoist height of 193 metre
- Max. radius of 136 metre
- 8 Cylinder dieselengine for propulsion of the undercarriage with 680hp (505KW)
- 8 Cylinder dieselengine powering the crane with 610hp (455 KW)
- Easy to transport. All transports weigh below 45 metric tonne and have a max. width of 3,5 metre.

The long awaited scale model of the Mammoet LG 1750 SX3 will finally be produced in limited quantities by the German scale model manufacturer Conrad. You'll now be able to add this unique piece of equipment to your own Mammoet fleet. The Mammoet LG 1750 will be offered as the most complete kit ever, offering a large amount of new and unique features!

This means that the Mammoet LG 1750 SX3 will be offered with:

- 3x SX3 boom pieces of 6 meter wide
- 4x SX boom pieces of 3.5 meter wide
- F2 fixed fly jib
- HS windmill jib
- Derrick mast (14 meter and 10.5 meter)
- Luffing Jib
- Floating (detachable) ballast tray.

This means the crane can be built in a range of configurations, knowing:

- SX3D4F2B
- SW - Heavy main boom + Luffing fly jib.
- SD SDB - Heavy main boom, Derrick, Suspended ballast.
- SDWB - Heavy main boom, Luffing fly jib, Derrick and suspended ballast.

The Mammoet LG 1750 SX3 can be pre-ordered from today onwards! The first sample of the Mammoet LG 1750 SX3 can be seen during the Conrad open house in Kalchreuth during 30th of January until the 2nd of February 2024. Furthermore it can be seen on the European Modelshow in Ede on 16th of March 2024. This model will be produced in a limited run.

The price for the Mammoet LG 1750 SX3 will be €1.404,13 excl. VAT, excl. Shipping
Goldmembers can now order this model for a special introductory price of 
€1.238,84 excl. VAT, excl. Shipping until the end of may 2024.

Are you not a member yet? But want to order this model for the special introduction price? Sign up as a Mammoet Goldmember now First conclude this signup before ordering the Mammoet LG 1750 SX3.

Please note the pictures are made of the model prototype, not the final production model yet.

Expected delivery date is July 2024.
Note: In case you order other articles together with the Mammoet LG1750 SX3, your order will only be delivered once the Mammoet LG 1750 SX3 is available.



CategorySCALE 1:50
Product code410312_000
UnitStuk(s) - Piece


5/5 1 reviews
Placed on 06-06-2024

Beste mensen,
Is er al iets van bekend over de leveringsdatum van de
Die ik in preorder bij jullie heb besteld.
Kan haast niet wachten om hem te ontvangen.

P.S. het zou de blikvanger zijn op de opendag 2025 de LG 1750 SX3 in het echt te kunnen aanschouwen.

Met vriendelijke Groeten,

John Wernaart

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